FIDM Student Showcase

Hey Everyone!

I was just browsing the web and finding more information about FIDM for our upcoming video and I saw that they posted videos about a recent event I helped with.

This was the first year FIDM had the event & I was so honored to be apart of it.

This was such a great event because not only were the students who were selected to be a part of the actual event, we were also hired to put on the event!

This truly showed that being a FIDM student is def. preparing you for the real world!

I def. recommend being part of this event in future!

I was hired as the Head Makeup Artist (the only makeup artist) and in charge of the Beauty Major table.

This was an event where you could experience what happens when FIDM Students from select majors come together to represent themselves and the college they love. Our theme for the night was “The Science of FIDM” so you were able to see the Scientific Periodic Table come alive in a new way as the students shared work inspired by their eight key elements, including passion, innovation, dedication, and perseverance.

Here is a couple videos I found about the event!

This video was taken while we were at Siren Studios.

This was such a fun day because I really was able to see everyone talents!

Here is a video from the actual event!

I had such a great time being apart of this event, and truly enjoyed sharing to others what FIDM has to offer!




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