How to Depot your Lipsticks!

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  • Hello Everyone!

    This video is all about depotting your lipsticks.

    I like to depot my lipsticks for 3 main reasons.

    1. Its super easy to travel with.

    2. Your able to view your options all at once.

    3. You use ALL of the product.

    Check out our video to learn the fastest and easiest way on depotting your lipsticks!

    What you will need:
    1. An unused palette (The one I am using is from Z Palette)
    2. A spatula or a small knife.
    3. Alcohol
    4. A towel or makeup palette
    5. Lipstick
    6. Magnetic pans
    7. Labels

    How to Depot your Lipsticks

    Step 1:
    As much as it seems like a crime to cute a lipstick from its tube, take your knife or spatula and cut across the bottom of the lipstick.
    Step 2:
    Then your going to take your knife or spatula and dig out all the lipstick that is left in the tube and remove it.
    Step 3:
    Use your knife or spatula and use it to smoosh the product into your pan. (Almost like putting frosting on a cupcake!)
    Step 4:
    I didn’t show this in the video, but to keep track of which lipstick is which, you can either write on the pan with a permanent marker or get round stickers to place on the back and write in the name..

    Let us know if you depot your lipsticks!
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