Review: Soap and Glory Hand Food

If you are anything like me, then you absolutely HATE the feeling of dry hands. I’m the girl in class begging people for lotion, or the one waling around the mall trying every sample of hand cream available. I’m pretty much just obsessed. With that being said, it’s safe to assume I’ve tried more hand remedies than I can even remember. And while most will get the job done and sooth my dry hands, there is one cream in particular that never ceases to amaze me. Ladies I present to you…. Soap and Glory Hand Food.

Image Source: Soap & Glory

Soap and Glory is a British brand found in 2006 by Marcia Kilgore. Their line of skin and body products eventually made it’s way over to the states, first selling at Target, and now at Sephora’s nation wide. The brand is most popular for their “Sexy Mother Pucker” lip plumper, and their “Righteous body butter.”

Image Source: Soap and Glory

Personally I have only tried Soap and Glory’s makeup removing wipes referred to as “Off Your Face cleansing cloths, “and the Hand Food that I am writing this blog about. While I can’t tell you that the cleansing cloths were out of this world, they did indeed get the job done with removing my makeup, and all the packaging is just too cute to pass up.

Image Source: Google Images

The Hand Food, on the other hand, is simply amazing. I love how the cream is just thick enough yet not overly thick, and soaks into my skin easily without leaving a greasy feeling (always important and often a deal breaker with hand creams!) The scent is nice and light as well. I know most beauty bloggers that have used this cream will rave and rave about how addicting the scent is. For me, it’s really nothing special. It smells sweet and slightly floral. It’s refreshing and it certainly does not bother me I always have a tube of this cream sitting on my nightstand to slap on before bed, and a smaller tube in my handbag since I reapply creams so often. The lasting result has been soft, moisturized, and smooth hands. I just can’t get enough of this stuff!

Image Source: Google Images

In case any of you were wondering, Hand Food is totally not going to break the bank for you. A 4.2 Fl. Oz tube is only $10, and one of these bad boys will last me months.  Overall, I say it’s worth a try for anyone whose hands need a little TLC. I can assure you you won’t be disappointed.

Let us know what you guys think about Hand Food, or any other Soap and Glory Product. We’d love to hear what to try next. Enjoy girls!

Xoxo, Monica

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