What’s Hot: LOVE

Thats right ladies, LOVE is in the air, and beauty companies are making it easier for you to pick out the right blush for the special day.

3 different blushes from 3 different brands have caught our eye, and we think its worth checking out.

The first blush is the Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush from Too Faced Cosmetics. This blush is equipped with 3 different shades, rose, coral, and peach that can be used separately or together to create that perfect romantic flush.

The second blush comes from Smashbox’s newest collaboration with Curtis Kulig called Loved Me. Idolize Me is a poppy pink shade looks great on all skin-tones and is guaranteed to bring that flush your after.

The final blush comes from Lancome’s In Love collection. This collection has two shade options you can choose from. Both shades suited for every skin-tone, this blush brings a fresh glow to sculpt and enlighten your complexion.

Do any of these collections make you blush?
Let us know in the comments below!
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