What’s Hot: TheHunt.com

We know we aren’t the only ones…

You know when you are scrolling through Instagram or pinterest and you see something amazing, like, out of this world shoes, the cutest dress, or even the trendiest top and immediately want to buy.
Usually the only thing holding you back from the amazingness is you have NO IDEA where its from.

That’s where TheHunt.com comes in!

The Hunt is a community that tracks down the items you covet but don’t know where to find or how to style. Our community is open to everyone. Any member can start their own hunt and solve other members’ hunts by adding finds.

Members of The Hunt start hunts with photos from a variety of sources and for many different reasons. Popular reasons why hunts are started include: creating a designer look for less, completing a look from a photo, finding similar products from a picture, locating an exact product or styling a product. We encourage everyone in the community to solve any type of hunt they’d like and perhaps take a chance on a new type. “

 As Beauty Girls, we love  solving all the “hunts” that involve beauty!
To which nail polish shade is this, to what brand of lipstick ,we can’t get enough!

That’s why this thursday, Feb. 14, thats right ladies, Valentines Day, TheHunt.com & SidekickBeauty have something special for you!

What'sHot:  TheHunt.com

Click on the photo to get the DETAILS!

We can’t wait to chat with you guys LIVE & answer all your beauty questions!

Who knows… we might give something away!

Check out TheHunt.com & make sure to sign up on Google +  and join the community ” Haute Hunters” to participate!

See ya Thursday!


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